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A Message From the Executive Director

Friends of Crossroads,

As  Winter begins to give way to Spring, the memories of Christmas events and Mardi Gras celebratons and parades  will soon be replaced with everyone antcipating outings and experiences in and around the New Orleans area and beyond.  To kick off the Spring season, two busloads of happy and excited consumers spent an enjoyable day visitng the Global Wildlife Preserve in Robert, Louisiana.  The annual trip into the “wilds” is a hugely antcipated events for many of our consumers as they actually experience viewing a variety of wildlife animals up close from open air wildlife vehicles.  Pictures taken at the Wildlife Preserve can be viewed on our Crossroad Facebook page.  Jazz Fest is another New Orleans celebration that many of our consumers look forward to every year and the Jazz Fest organizaton kindly offers not –for- profit agencies a limited number of free tickets.  We also buy bulk tickets at very reduced prices.  We try our best to secure as many tickets as possible so that all who want to attend the weekend events at the Fair Grounds can go.  With tickets in hand, it matters not all if the weather on that day is sunny or raining—they are up early and carrying sun hats or umbrellas!  No one wants to miss out on the music and food at the Fest!  Spring weather also allows tme for consumers to take advantage of the cool weather and daylight savings time changes makes visits to parks and recreational areas in town easier, as well as enjoy coffee and beignets in the French Quarter.  Job LInk has also included a new activity program this Spring in its Day Program.  It is our new Music therapy program.  We have contracted with a Music therapist from Crescent City Music Therapy to develop a music and dance program twice a week (Monday and Friday) for our day program clients.  We had a bell choir several years ago and have been hoping to bring music back to our program ever since. As many of you know, we have a Theater Room at the Day Program site and we are hoping that the music therapist, Molly Guinan, will one day have her students put on a musical show for all family, friends and fellow participants at the day program.  The day program also hosts a very successful Art Program, led by Jean Hood.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, more than a dozen clients create a wonderful array of art projects, from paintings to designing Christmas cards.  Once a month, on Saturday, Ms. Hood invites people in the community with developmental disabilities to participate in a two hour program.  We are proud to have our music and art programs integrated into our day program activities and are inspired by how well our clients express themselves in these art forms.  If any of our Family and Friends have suggestions or recommendations on how we can improve our services to people with developmental disabilities, please let us know.  And if you have time to volunteer, your services yiou would be gratefully welcomed.

Best regards,


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