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Residential Programs

Crossroads Louisiana provides residential living both in community homes of 6 residents and in apartments and private homes through our Supported Independent Living program. During the day, individuals in our residential programs work independently in the community, participate in work/training programs at Community Connections or other day programs in the city, or access local educational and entertaining activities.

Service Plans
Service plans are designed for each resident. The plan addresses the whole person, including their physical limitations, medical issues, social and emotional support, and vocational needs. Plans are closely monitored for progress and consistently updated to include revised goals for learning higher level living skills.

Coordination of Services
Many adults with developmental disabilities have a wide range of medical needs that require close coordination, and addressing these needs is a top priority. Each group home and the SIL program is assigned a vehicle, handicap-equipped if necessary for the program, which is used to bring residents to scheduled and unscheduled appointments that include:

  • visits to the doctor
  • nurse monitoring
  • hearing and speech therapy
  • vision exams
  • physical therapy
  • dental care
  • community outings
  • family visits

Community Integration
Enabling community integration and offering opportunities to develop community connections is the key to fostering a sense of independence and building self esteem. We focus on attaining these goals by:

  • encouraging family participation in our programs
  • planning theme-based parties
  • going on group vacations and trips
  • community outings

Community Homes

Crossroads operates six community homes in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes that provide family-style living for six individuals in each home.

The over-arching goal of the program is to create a caring, family atmosphere in which our clients can learn essential independent living skills such as safety rules, self care, meal planning, grocery shopping, money management, and meal preparation. These basic skills enable each resident to live as independently as possible in the community.

Each home is supervised by a Program Manager and a team of support staff who provide supervision 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Additionally, each home is monitored by a Qualified Developmental Disability Professional (QDDP).

Supervised Independent Living

Crossroads' residential services also include a Supervised Independent Living (SIL) program in which individuals live either in apartments or private homes. We have over 40 clients in the SIL program who require a less structured living environment than those residing in group homes.

Some participants choose to have a roommate while others prefer to live alone. All participants have a case management plan which coordinates the provision of medical, social services, and other support services. Nutrition, cooking, banking, the use of public transportation and other self-help skills are supports offered to each person participating in the SIL program.

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